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Welcome Solers!!! Here you will find the delSol club/organization that will meet your every need as a delSol enthusiasts....ENJOY!!!!

As of 2/14/00 TEAM SOL(TS) has hit the 300 member mark and growing. Team Sol has only been in existence for only a short while, 3 months if I recall correctly. TS offers many benefits to its members including: message boards, prizes, group buys, discounted parts/kits, shirts, stickers, etc...there are just too many to name. So stop by and check them out!!! This is truly the best delSol club yet, CONGRATULATIONS Todd(president of TS) and Jenn(webmaster of TS) you guys are the best!!! ***** (5 star rated)

Club Sol Texas

Welcome to Club Sol Texas. We represent the Texas chapter of Club Sol and Team Sol, the largest world-wide Honda del Sol enthusiast club, and boast one of the largest member followings to date. We all share a common bond, and that is a passion for our car - the del Sol. Interested in joining?? All you have to do is drive a Honda del Sol!! It doesn't matter if you are into performance, stereo, shows or just plain enjoy driving the car - everyone is welcome.
2/14/00 - NOTE: This page is still under construction...thank you for your patience.