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Dying Seat Stripes
NOTE: Please participate in the HOW TO's at your own risk!!! GDS & it's affiliates will not be held liable for any damages that may occur.

Things to get: * SEMS Vinyl Paint/Dye (about $10 a can at any auto paint shop)
* Toothbrush
* Wide masking tape
* Newspaper
First of all, you need to visit your local auto paint supply shop and purchase a can of SEMS Vinyl/Dye Paint. They come in a large variety of colors.
  Let's prepare our work area. Go ahead use some news paper and the wide masking tape to tape off everything (i.e. door panels, center console, dash, & windows). Also, be sure to tape off the area around the stripes really well.
  READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BACK OF THE CAN CAREFULLY!!! Then you can start applying the paint. I recommend doing sections at a time. Before the paint dries, use the toothbrush to work it into the fabric. This does two things for you. 1) Keeps the fibers from blotching together. 2) Spreads the paint evenly. This is very important!!! You can always color match by adding more coats (REMEMBER: the more coats you have the darker it will be).
Once you've achieved the desired color you can then sit back and wait for it to dry. I recommend a good 3-4 hours.
  If everything is to your liking then you're done. If not, then you can add another coat to try to blend it in. Remember to work it in with the tooth brush.
Now sit back and enjoy your new stripes.