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My Sol
AzNsol TS#104

NAME: Nghia "AzNsol" Nguyen
AREA: N. Texas
BACKGROUND: WebMaster of:, ,, &
Hello fellow solers, I'm AzNsol. Way back I had a dream to fix up an import car. I was undecided on which car I wanted to fix up until I went car shopping with my friend Nate. The car salesman let me take a sol home for a day and that was when I decided to get a sol and work on this dream of mine. In the process I've made some really cool friends in the import business: Timmy @ Import Image, GDS Crew, Everyone @ DARKSOL & Team Sol, Chris @ Discount Tire, Dean & Britt @ The PaintShop, Club RpM Dallas Crew, Henry & Friends @ Top Speed, & Wiley @ TLC AutoCustoms. Without these people I would be clueless in my venture into the import world.

FUTURE MODS: Buddy Club Front Bumper, aggressor sideskirts, Xtreme Rear Bumper, White Paintjob w/Blue Pearl, Shaved Stock Antenna, Zendar Antenna, LS Motor-Swap, Wet Okole Seat Covers, & Customized Interior.