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Red Tails
NOTE: Do this at your own risk!!! GDS & it's affiliates are not responsible for any damages that may occur.
Things to have: masking tape
exacto knife/razor blade
socket set w/extension
phillips head screw driver

Things to get:

* Transparent Candy Apple Red Paint from any MJ Designs (You will only need one can. It runs about $3-$5 per can).

* Bulldog Adhesion Promoter - This product helps paint stick on most car surfaces (You can get this at your local auto paint shop for about $10-$14 per can).
Let's get started!!! Open your trunk lid, put the targa bracket in the up-right position, and look along the sides. Here you should see two plastic screws (note: check the areas marked yellow in the picture). Take them out and gently pull on the carpeting until the clips come out. Now put them in a safe place.
Now that the screws & clips are out. Pull the carpeting back so you can see the back of the tail-light assembly. First, unplug the wiring harness (marked in yellow). Then pull out your socket set cause you've got 8 nuts to get out (marked in blue). Be careful with the enclosed nuts otherwise they'll fall into bottom of the trunk. Once you've removed the nuts carefully take the tail-light assembly out. Use the masking tape to tape off the reverse lights. Now find a clean spot to start applying the Bulldog Adhesion Promoter (follow the directions on the back of the can). Let that sit for about 30 min- 1 hour. When dry you can apply the first coat of Transparent Candy Apple Red Paint (follow the directions on the back of the can). Let it sit for 30 min-1 hour. Then apply a second coat. After all the paint has dried you can remove the masking tape off of the reverse lights. When handling the tail-light assembly after painting hold onto the bottom of the assembly and pull them in through the back. Put the nuts, clips, & plastic screws back in...
And you now have your very own all red tail-lights!!! (NOTE: The paint will still be soft for a few days. It will hold up to weather, but don't touch it. Otherwise, you'll have finger prints embedded in them. Enjoy!!!!